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Chapter 1457 Fallen From Grace

  • A day later, all papers were headlined with news about He Lianjing—the heir of the He Group—going to prison. Reports on the He Family made headlines in major newspapers, magazines, entertainment tabloids, and news applications.
  • He Lianjing had long been an eyesore to many due to his usually arrogant and unscrupulous demeanor. Upon seeing the news coverage, they immediately seized the opportunity to add fuel to the fire by exposing his numerous past scandals, including all kinds of brutal violence that he had committed.
  • Because of that, the He Group’s share prices plummeted, and all the company’s business partners ended their partnerships with the company in advance.
  • Normally, if partnership contracts had been signed before the news broke out, business partners would have to wait until the contract expired before ending their partnerships with the He Group. However, a mysterious man pressured these companies behind the scenes and promised to compensate for their losses. Because of that, all companies—large and small— ended their partnerships with the He Group instantly.
  • Furthermore, many of these companies were linked. Even though some of the companies had close dealings with the He Group, they wanted to shrink back and play it safe when they saw so many large companies severing their ties with the He Group overnight; that was because these companies were scared of getting themselves dragged into trouble.
  • After all, the forces behind this must be enormously powerful, for it had uprooted a company as large as a He Group overnight.
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