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Chapter 62 Returning It To Its Rightful Owner

  • When Madam Chen noticed that Shen Qi looked depressed, she knew that her words of consolation might be useless. Hence, she could only say gently, “Second Young Lady, don’t give up. After all, you just married into the Ye Family not too long ago. You need to build up a good relationship with the second Young Master. I can see that he treats you differently.”
  • When she heard this, Shen Qi lifted her head as she gazed at Madam Chen with a warm expression.
  • “Thank you, Madam Chen.”
  • Shen Qi lay down to rest after she ate the porridge. Madam Chen said that she would look after her for the night. Afterward, Shen Qi asked her to rest in the bed beside her. Coincidentally, she was the only person in the room. Hence, Madam Chen agreed to her suggestion.
  • Shen Qi sat for a while before she sent a message to Han Xueyou to update her about her situation. Following that, she went ahead and slept as well.
  • The next day, Han Xueyou came to the hospital to look for her.
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