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Chapter 730 Are You Trying to Say He Isn’t Ye Moxuan

  • Yan naturally followed him closely into the ward. It was quiet inside the ward. On the bed, there was a man who was all bandaged up, even to the face. His whole body was covered up by bandages except for a pair of eyes. By the looks of it, it really was hard to recognize who he was.
  • Han Qing stared at him for a while from beside the bed, then he turned his head resignedly to look at Yan who was behind him. “Call him in,” he said in a cold voice.
  • “What is it?” Yan felt that something was wrong. “Didn’t the doctor say not to have too many people in here to disturb?”
  • Han Qing pressed his lips while feeling dissatisfied. “I came here to recognize his identity. How am I supposed to do that with him wrapped up like this?” he asked coldly while pointing at the white dumpling lying on the bed.
  • Yan blinked her eyes. “Didn’t they mention that his whole body is injured? Then it’s normal for him to be wrapped like a dumpling.”
  • Han Qing remained silent as he stared at her. “Are you refuting me now?”
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