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Chapter 643 Horribly Wronged

  • Therefore, if he had not mentioned it, Han Muzi would have mentioned it too.
  • After giving it some thought, Ye Moxuan pursed his lips and slowly said, “I will arrange everything tomorrow; you get some rest first today.”
  • Tomorrow? Han Muzi nodded. “Alright. Let’s go back after we meet her tomorrow.”
  • It was crazy of her to suddenly leave the country and go abroad. Besides, Yan seemed to be in a bad mood even though she didn’t show any signs of it when they were on the phone last night. However, during their video call, Han Muzi noticed that her eyes were red and swollen, which showed that she might have been crying for quite some time.
  • As for why she had cried, anyone could easily guess the reason behind it. Therefore, it would be better for her to hurry back as soon as possible.
  • “Why are you so anxious to get back?” Ye Moxuan frowned. “We hardly have the chance to travel, but you want to go back just like that?”
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