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Chapter 473 A Man She Was Unable to Get Rid of

  • "T-These are all your assumptions! You snatch someone else's blind date, yet you are so arrogant! All of your designs are rubbish!"
  • Han Muzi's expression turned cold immediately. "I have already made myself clear. I did not snatch your blind date, and he is not your boyfriend, so there is no question of snatching anyone or not. Let's get back to business. Miss Lin, which part of my design are you not satisfied with? Let’s talk about this instead."
  • Of course, Lin Qingqing was not dissatisfied with her work. On the contrary, she was totally satisfied with Han Muzi's work. However, after seeing Ye Moxuan held her in his arms, she instantly felt that the designs were disgusting.
  • Thinking of this, Lin Qingqing sneered, "Your designs are very different from what I wanted. Redraw them." She simply wanted to give Han Muzi a hard time.
  • "Redraw?" Han Muzi smiled slightly. "Well, then you have to tell me what you want."
  • "I want it to be gorgeous! Make it as gorgeous as possible!" Lin Qingqing said directly.
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