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Chapter 1151 Tell Them You’re Safe

  • S-Shower?! After the kiss, Yan couldn’t stop herself from getting the wrong idea when she heard that word. Her mind that was blank before was painted over with a touch of color.
  • Han Qing saw the young lady looking at him in astonishment, and her eyes held a weird expression in them. Then, he realized that she had gotten the wrong idea, so he explained gently, “You should take a shower and try to calm down.”
  • “Oh! Oh…” She nodded her head dumbly, then walked toward the bathroom. The bathroom was just ahead in a visible spot. Therefore, she walked into it by herself and automatically closed the door behind her. After locking everything else out, she finally looked into the mirror. Her face in the mirror was blushing hard, and her lips were also flushed from the kiss just now. Quietly looking at the mirror, a long while passed before she slowly lifted her hand to touch her lips with her fingertips.
  • Was that just my imagination? Did Han Qing kiss me just now? Moreover, it wasn’t just a light kiss! He gave me a deep kiss… Compared to the sneak attacks she made on him in the past, the strength of this kiss was enough to overturn 10 of her sneak attacks. It must be fake, right? If it isn’t my imagination, then it must be a dream!
  • Yan suddenly raised her hand and pinched her cheek hard. Instantly, her expression twisted as a result of the pain, and she nearly yelped from the excruciating pain. However, she soon recalled something and hastily covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes widening in shock. We are so close to each other; wouldn’t he hear me if I screamed?
  • Swallowing her cry of pain, she turned on the shower and stood underneath the rain of hot water. The nasty thoughts from before had vanished without a trace—his kiss was very effective. Her entire being was fully occupied by thoughts of the kiss. Then, she covered her face in her hands. She did not know how long she had been in the shower when a knock sounded on the door. She panicked and turned off the shower, then stood there, not daring to make a sound.
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