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Chapter 621 Being Told Off

  • He was such a well-mannered and proper kid. Whoever saw him would naturally like him, and Ye Linhan was no exception. However, the moment this kid resembled his younger brother from a different mother, everything seemed to be different.
  • A wave of darkness swept under his glasses but dissipated quickly. Ye Linhan smiled gently and patted him on the head affectionately. "You're welcome. Your mommy and I are old friends. Treating you to a cake is no big deal. If you’d like to, next time I can bring you to the theme park."
  • "Sure, thank you, Mr. Ye. I will go now." Little Bean held the fruit cake in his hands and quickly left the shop.
  • Han Muzi was a little worried. She stood up and watched him get in the car; she was only relieved when the car door was closed. When she was getting ready to leave, Ye Linhan's voice came out from the back. "You really shouldn't be this worried. I told you before that I don’t have any bad intentions toward you or the kid."
  • Han Muzi remained silent. She froze for a moment then turned around and looked at Ye Linhan nonchalantly.
  • "So, Vice President Ye, do you also remember me saying that I do not want to be a sacrifice in the fight between you and Ye Moxuan?"
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