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Chapter 1125 Had Too Much to Drink

  • She wasn’t quite sure about the rules among members of the upper class society. Nevertheless, she figured that it would embarrass Han Qing if she hadn’t played along since the man downed three glasses of liquor. Hence, she thought she should take a gulp from the glass of liquor too.
  • “No, you did very well.” Han Qing glanced at her calmly. “However, you shouldn’t drink alcohol unnecessarily.”
  • Yan was rendered speechless when she heard that.
  • “Eh, President Han, are you concerned about Miss Zhou?”
  • “It’s such a rare occasion. In the past, it’s impossible for President Han to take a date to a banquet. Today, not only did he do just that, he’s even stopping her from having a sip of alcohol.”
  • The crowd teased Han Qing—in fact, everyone in attendance was rather observant. They clearly noticed that he was different from his usual self. In the past, they would never have the courage to joke openly with him. He would’ve given the person a death stare before the latter could finish their joke and most probably freeze to the ground instead. However, no matter how the crowd teased Han Qing tonight, he didn’t seem angry, which might have been a result of Yan’s presence. On the contrary, a smile flashed across his dark eyes.
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