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Chapter 759 Isn’t This Surprising?

  • Rory noticed that Han Muzi was being cold and distant to her before this, so when Han Muzi extended her arm to her, Rory thought, she finally accepted me.
  • “Eh? Is it because we aren’t competitors that you’re acknowledging me now?”
  • Han Muzi thought about this question as well when she heard it. They were competitors before this, but that wasn’t the reason she refused to admit that she knew her. It was just that she was afraid of Rory’s enthusiasm. After the incident that she had with Xueyou, she found that it was difficult for her to know or trust a stranger. Especially during this crucial moment. Will anyone find out that I’m abroad? What if… her identity was arranged by someone?
  • Seeing that she didn’t reply to her question, Rory didn’t press on and gladly said, “It’s alright. I won’t be upset even if that’s the reason. You have no idea; I’ve been working overseas for quite some time, but not many people actually bother to talk to me. Maybe it’s because I am not good enough when compared to other people. But when I talked to you that day, you didn’t ignore me, so I think that you are a nice person.”
  • Han Muzi was confused. Just because I didn’t ignore her, she thinks that I’m a good person? This girl is too naïve!
  • “Anyway, thank you! The elevator is here; let’s go in.”
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