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Chapter 507 You’re Lying!

  • “The truth?” Lin Qingqing’s eyes were filled with tears and resentment. Lin Qingqing saw Ye Moxuan standing right behind Han Muzi when she looked up. He looks cold and aloof with a powerful aura, and he should have looked out of place among this group of people.
  • However, maybe because I’ve been in jail for too long, I’m now seeing things. At this moment, I feel as if Ye Moxuan has included Han Muzi into his own world.
  • Why? Why is this happening?
  • Tears were threatening to roll down from her eyes when Lin Qingqing saw this scene. She bit her lower lip while gazing at Han Muzi with hatred.
  • “Why? You… You might be very beautiful, but I think I’m on par with you. You are good at fashion design, but I’m well-versed in many other aspects too. Why did he fall for you?”
  • Lin Qingqing looked devastated because she was heartbroken when she saw Ye Moxuan including Han Muzi within his forceful aura.
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