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Chapter 259 Would You Believe Me if I Say I Didn’t

  • Ye Moxuan gritted his teeth while staring at the woman who was staring back at him with bloodshot eyes. He resented her when she said that, but his heart clenched in agony as he could see how upset she was.
  • Ye Moxuan was blinded by anger, and in that instant, he was at his wit’s end, rendering him clueless in handling her.
  • Shen Qi continued, “I am not deciding by myself.”
  • “In that case, don’t bring up divorce so casually.”
  • Shen Qi paused to look up at him. “Well, you owe me an explanation. I want a thorough and complete explanation.”
  • Somehow, Ye Moxuan had the feeling that Shen Qi was questioning him out of jealousy. However, before she mentioned it, Ye Moxuan was planning to keep this matter a secret from her, and that was why he didn’t take the initiative to offer any facts. “Tell me what kind of explanation you need.”
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