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Chapter 216 I Don’t Want to Lie to You

  • “None of my business?”
  • Ye Linhan was stumped the moment he heard her say that because never in his wildest dreams did he expect her to say such a hurtful thing to him.
  • “Qi, please consider this carefully. Did you truly mean that?” Ye Linhan grabbed her wrist while questioning her persistently.
  • Shen Qi looked up at him. “Linhan, previously, I told you that it would never work between the two of us. So why wouldn’t you let go of it? Besides, Ye Moxuan and I are husband and wife, so however he treats me or where my emotions stand are my private matters.”
  • Ye Linhan was at a loss for words.
  • “Are you sure that you are fine with the way he is treating you? Are you fine despite the fact that he is humiliating you and using you? Shen Qi, why are you such a fool?”
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