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Chapter 319 Are You Going Back to Him?

  • Ye Zi was startled for a moment before stepping aside to get out of Ye Linhan’s way. She explained gently, “Miss Shen regained consciousness before you did. She already ate some porridge, and the doctor said that she’s fine.”
  • Ye Linhan was relieved to learn that Shen Qi was fine. Even though she looked pale and was currently spacing out, her condition was already much better than last night when she was stricken with fever.
  • He pursed his lips and immediately felt a dry sensation on his lips. “I’m glad that she’s fine.”
  • “Vice President Ye, here’s your water.”
  • Ye Linhan didn’t take the water but stared attentively at Shen Qi.
  • Meanwhile, Shen Qi was looking at him as well. She just wanted to make sure that he was okay, but his fiery gaze made her embarrassed. The scene was made even more awkward when Ye Zi held a cup of water in front of him while his gaze was fixated on Shen Qi without taking the cup.
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