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Chapter 1677 Meeting at the Hotpot Shop

  • Ever since that first meeting at the shop with Zong Yongran, Tang Yuanyuan would often bump into him whenever she was out to buy something. Like when Zhang Xiaolu suddenly said she wanted some mango-flavored drink from a store by the school gate and begged Tang Yuanyuan to buy it for her, Tang Yuanyuan just happened to run into him when she went there and he ended up paying for the bill again.
  • On another occasion, they were out eating hotpot together and also met him there. Coincidentally, there were no more seats left at the restaurant that day, so they naturally formed a table together.
  • Tang Yuanyuan originally wanted to eat mandarin duck hotpot, but Zong Yongran went ahead and ordered a clear soup base for them.
  • “You’re so considerate, Yongran. You know that Yuanyuan can’t eat spicy food so you ordered a clear soup base. How sweet!”
  • “Yeah. Is there a more caring senior out there?”
  • While Zhang Xiaolu and Yuan Yuehan continued to flatter Zong Yongran in front of Tang Yuanyuan, Zong Yongran stayed calm and kept a small smile on the corners of his lips.
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