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Chapter 1358 I Didn’t Agree to a Breakup

  • Yan was caught by the arm, leaving her stunned. The woman was too strong. Furthermore, Yan had thin arms and she was almost pinching her. Yan’s complexion changed instantly as she yelled, “Let go of me! If you keep this up, I’ll call the train officer.
  • “Go ahead and call them over so that they can have a look at your vicious ways. I’d like to see if you’ll still bully me and my grandson!”
  • “Quickly apologize!” The child on the side also became infuriated and threw a handful of sunflower seeds onto Yan’s body.
  • The people around witnessed this thrilling scene, but no one stepped out to help.
  • “The one in the wrong is you. I won’t apologize for this.”
  • The woman wanted to say something more when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her arm as if the bones in them were about to break.
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