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Chapter 709 Take Her Away

  • “What did you say?” Han Qing’s eyes narrowed quickly and his presence became threatening. “Accident? What do you mean by an accident? Tell me!”
  • Han Qing’s grim attitude had scared the assistant into speaking incoherently. With her trembling hands, she pulled up the recent news and handed the phone over to Han Qing.
  • “President Han, look at this… This news just came out.”
  • Han Qing hastily grabbed the phone and looked. To his dismay, he saw the news of the plane accident and it was the same plane that Ye Moxuan had boarded. Shocked at the news, his vision went black momentarily as he was barely able to process it.
  • At that moment, he thought of his sister, Muzi. If he had struggled to accept the news, then how would she react? He feared that the impact would be too great for her. Since finding out about it, his eyes had clouded over and his presence became grim.
  • He looked to the side at the secretary’s assistant with a cold expression on his face. “Don’t say anything about this for now.”
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