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Chapter 1080 There’s Something Wrong With Your Breathing

  • On the next day, when Han Qing woke up, he received Han Muzi’s text and read it, which startled him. He then calmed himself down and replied to her, ‘Be careful. Call me if anything happens.’
  • Then, he kept away his phone and casually showered before having breakfast and leaving for work. His life had always been regular in this way and it never changed all these years. Other than that, there wasn’t any woman who showed up beside him to turn this life of his upside down. Minus the years that he spent searching for his sister, he always flew around the world from time to time, but it was his personal time that he consumed. When it was time for work, he never allowed himself to rest.
  • On the other side, Han Muzi and the others had arrived in the neighboring city. They traveled overnight, so they checked into a hotel that night. Then, everyone had a good rest before they visited Lingyun Mountain Temple.
  • Han Muzi and Yan had slept for two hours in the car and their poor sleeping condition caused their backs to ache. Therefore, when they got to their beds, they immediately lay down on it at the same time. On the second day, everyone slept until 10am before waking up to meet.
  • When they had their meal, Xiao Su explained, “I have already asked about the place. Lingyun Mountain is said to be effective, so lots of followers in the country would visit here. I have also heard that a lot of people returned to fulfill their vows after their dreams have been achieved.”
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