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Chapter 1340 Not Forgotten

  • ‘Yeah, Miss Wenwen, why are you so quiet during these two days? Miss Wenwen, are you there?’
  • A group of people started to text Jiang Wenwen. At that moment, Jiang Wenwen had a strong desire to vent out all her frustrations toward the receptionist because it was the receptionist herself who brought the matter up in the group. However, all the blame was on her in the end.
  • Someone tagged her, so she could no longer play dead anymore. After a few minutes, she finally replied, ‘I’m really sorry. I have been busy with work lately, so I didn’t really pay attention to what had happened lately.’
  • ‘Miss Wenwen, I thought we are all in the same boat. How can you be so insensitive? Isn’t Xu Yanwan your subordinate? Just one call, and you can get all the answers.’
  • After looking at all those words, Jiang Wenwen felt even more uncomfortable.
  • What do you all mean by calling her to get answers?
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