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Chapter 1105 Relying on Yourself

  • “There’s no need for that, Mom. The hospital that I went to is the best and they are very professional, so we don’t need to change.”
  • Luo Huimei nodded, but she still wasn’t assured and gave Yan a thorough check again to make sure that there were no other injuries. After that, Luo Huimei was relieved. “Did they do anything else to you other than hurting you?”
  • Yan shook her head, fully knowing what Luo Huimei was asking about.
  • “Then, that’s alright. Those damn people should all go to hell. Didn’t their parents teach them not to hurt a girl? They really are bad people!”
  • “Mom, don’t be angry.”
  • “By the way, did you say that Lin Xuzheng saved you?”
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