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Chapter 1153 Were You Hurt From Your Fall?

  • “Little Bean’s uncle’s house?” Luo Huimei was wondering who Little Bean’s uncle was… She was good at reading people; by combining the information she had gathered recently, along with Yan’s awkward tone of voice, she had an inkling of who he was. Still, she wasn’t certain. Thus, she continued, “Then, what will you do tonight?”
  • “Mom… please stop asking. My heart is a mess right now, I’ll explain when I get home tomorrow, okay?”
  • Her daughter was her precious treasure. When she heard Yan speaking to her in such an aggrieved tone, her heart melted. Before she could agree to it, Mr. Zhou, who was next to her, spoke out first, “Yan, have a good rest. If anything happens, you have to let us know. Don’t be afraid to tell us, okay?”
  • “Okay.”
  • After ending the call, she glared at him. “I had not agreed to it yet, so why were you so anxious to agree? Do you know who Little Bean’s uncle is? Although we get along very well with Little Bean, who is to say what kind of person his uncle is? How can you be so trusting?”
  • Mr. Zhou countered with a solemn expression, “Of course, I trust him. Little Bean was brought up so well; it’s difficult to be so well-taught if there is an unsavory element in their family. More importantly, Yan trusts him. As her father, I naturally trust him too.”
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