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Chapter 819 Harder to Kiss

  • Before she could react, she was already sitting on his lap, with his hands around her waist. Han Muzi felt as if her heart had stopped beating for a second. She looked at him, expressionless.
  • "W-What are you doing?" She stuttered.
  • Ye Moxuan kept quiet as he gradually lifted his hand to grab her by her chin. He leaned slightly forward with his shoulders and let out a warm breath on her face.
  • "Time to get off work."
  • "Get off—mmph!" Han Muzi was still puzzled by the words that Ye Moxuan had just said before his eyes grew deeper. Suddenly, it was pitch black. He kissed her.
  • Han Muzi widened her eyes in disbelief. It was as if her mind had just gone blank. She could not remember a thing.
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