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Chapter 694 I Curse You

  • “Qi, do you have to be so cruel to me? I know I have done a lot of wrong things, and that’s why I had to call you to beg for your forgiveness. But what about you? Why won’t you even give me a single chance? Won’t you meet me just once, on account of the love we used to have for each other? Is that okay?”
  • Han Muzi did not want to meet up with her. Based on all the horrible things that Meng Xueyou had done in the past, and with the stalking incident weighing in as well, she did not know what else Meng Xueyou would do to her. Moreover, the timing of the phone call from Meng Xueyou was just far too convenient to be coincidental.
  • Meng Xueyou had called her as soon as the poster came out on the scrolling billboard, indicating that the former had probably seen the poster and was probably harboring evil intentions toward her. It was possible that if she met with Meng Xueyou alone, she would be met with an accident.
  • It was very saddening to think that they, who were once the best of friends, were now so wary of each other. However, she had no regrets about rejecting Meng Xueyou.
  • “No, I’m hanging up. Don’t you ever call me or message me again. If you harass me again, I really won’t hold back anymore.” She dismissed Meng Xueyou’s invitation with a cold voice; she did not want to have anything to do with Meng Xueyou anymore.
  • “Han Muzi!” As soon as Meng Xueyou heard that she was going to hang up, Meng Xueyou became agitated and screeched out her name. Inadvertently frowning at the sharp screeching voice, Han Muzi’s beautiful eyes darkened slightly. Had Meng Xueyou finally lost her cool?
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