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Chapter 1280 You Can Only Choose One!

  • A woman was in the midst of questioning a man.
  • “Do you actually love me or her? You can only choose between me and her!”
  • “Darling, you need to trust me. You’re the only person whom I love. It was never her.” Or maybe it went like this: “B*tch slave, I will show you the true meaning of rules and tradition today!”
  • If it wasn’t some dramatic romance television series, it would be a palace drama. It could’ve been either, since they repeatedly alternated between these two genres on TV. At first, Xiao Su felt weird hearing the scenes, but he was surprised afterward when he discovered that such plots really existed in the amazing television world. However, there were still many people who watched plots like this.
  • Xiao Su never understood the minds of those people. Jiang Xiaobai was an example and she could even make herself cry just by watching it. There was once that Xiao Su found her hugging a pillow with a bunch of tissues thrown in front of her when he returned. Her eyes were swollen due to her crying at that time. He thought that something had happened to her, but when he asked Jiang Xiaobai, she immediately pointed at the TV screen, which featured the female lead who had a miscarriage in the television series. “You see how miserable she is. I’ve never seen such a miserable female lead. Ugh…”
  • Xiao Su was rendered speechless as he realized his mistake. I shouldn’t have asked this much.
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