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Chapter 1612 Childhood Sweetheart

  • In the end, everyone respected Tang Yuanyuan’s intentions. As Tang Yuanyuan had class later in the afternoon, she would have to return after sitting for a while and as expected, Yuchi Yishu would be her first choice to accompany her back. However, Zhong Chufeng didn’t want to let this chance slip away so easily.
  • While Tang Yuanyuan was drinking some water, Zhong Chufeng pulled Yuchi Yishu aside and told him, “Let me accompany her back.”
  • Upon hearing this, Yuchi Yishu gave him a slight glance.
  • “This is such a rare chance for me and this little girl is almost grown up now. You promised me last year that you’ll let me accompany her more, but now she doesn’t even want to meet me after she lost weight.”
  • Upon mentioning this, Yuchi Yishu’s gaze turned cold and the atmosphere around them turned chilly. “Don’t you have the slightest idea why she lost weight?”
  • Zhong Chufeng froze. Even before he could react, Yuchi Yishu brushed past him and walked toward Tang Yuanyuan. His tall and slender body bent down as he helped her carry two boxes. “Let’s go.”
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