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Chapter 796 I’ve Experienced It All Before

  • Han Muzi walked them to the door and watched as they left after getting in the car. As she prepared to return to her room, the landlady came home. The landlady smiled happily and followed behind her. “I couldn’t tell that you had such a rich and handsome boyfriend.”
  • “Madam, he is—” Han Muzi started explaining.
  • “It’s alright, you don’t need to explain. I’ve experienced it all before, so I understand. Don’t worry about it; I won’t say anything if you bring your boyfriend over occasionally.” The landlady flashed her an ambiguous smile and went upstairs.
  • Feeling a little helpless, Han Muzi did not bother explaining further and simply went upstairs. Just before, her house had been lively with two other people in it, but pushing open the door now—she was the only person left. All of a sudden, she felt that the house was way too quiet.
  • Ugh. Humans really shouldn’t get used to certain things. For example, after staying in the dark for so long and seeing a ray of light suddenly, one wouldn’t be able to bear going back to living in the dark again. However, if one stayed in the dark forever, without seeing any light whatsoever, then they wouldn’t even know what it felt like staying in the bright lights. That way, they would never yearn for it.
  • She silently heaved a sigh in her heart. She began to tidy up the house only to find that Ye Moxuan had left the coat behind. “Didn’t he say he came over to pick up this coat? Why would he leave it behind again?” she retorted as she picked up the coat. Since he left it behind again, she’d have to temporarily keep it here for him. However, this time around, she didn’t dare to place it in her closet anymore. Instead, she hung it up on the balcony and prepared to take a bath.
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