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Chapter 316 Constant High Fever

  • “I’m pregnant with his child, whereas you are pregnant with a bastard. Do you really think that Young Master Ye still wants you?”
  • “Young Master Ye does not want to see you, and you will never walk through this door again. You are no longer the Second Young Lady of the Ye family from now on, so please leave.”
  • “This is the divorce settlement agreement. Sign it, and you and I shall go our separate ways.”
  • “You are married into such a well-off family like the Ye family. If it wasn’t for Yue who gave you the chance to do this, do you think you’d get to be the Second Young Lady of the Ye family? Is it wrong to ask you to clear my gambling debts? Shouldn’t you at least do that for me since I raised you?”
  • “Just look at how ugly you are. Who would want you? Your husband of two years didn’t even want to touch you. Shouldn’t you reflect on the possible reasons why?”
  • “G-Get out of the Ye residence, and never come back!”
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