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Chapter 1670 He Doesn’t Like Me

  • “I refuse to shut up! I want to speak!” Zhong Chufeng deliberately went against Yuchi Yishu. Moreover, he continued to nag at him endlessly, “The method I mentioned is the best there is. This is how feelings between a man and a woman are verified! If you only think of her as your sister, then you definitely wouldn’t want to kiss her, right? However, if you like her, then you’d want to hold her in your arms all the time. Not only do you want to kiss her, but you also want to—”
  • Screech.
  • The squealing sound of brakes rang out and the car screeched to a halt by the side of the road. Then, Yuchi Yishu had a gloomy expression on his face as he stared at Zhong Chufeng with blazing eyes. “That’s enough!”
  • Zhong Chufeng realized that Yuchi Yishu had truly lost his temper and did not dare to say another word. Thus, he held back the rest of what he was about to say.
  • At that moment, Yuchi Yishu’s feelings were extremely complicated. Although he quietly continued driving and did not say anything more, he felt that Zhong Chufeng’s words held some truth to it. It was truly the best way to verify one’s feelings. Even so, if he really couldn’t bring himself to kiss Yuanyuan, wouldn’t that be very unfair to her? After all, she wasn’t a machine for him to verify his feelings with. However, if I don’t verify my feelings…
  • He carried these feelings in his heart as he drove until they arrived at the supermarket. Then, they went in together to buy the stuff they needed. As they were only buying ingredients to make dumplings, there was nothing much they needed to buy.
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