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Chapter 11 Abort the Illegitimate Child

  • Having been seen through by Ye Moxuan, Shen Qi’s face turned pale at once. Her lips were trembling, and she didn’t know how to muster up a reply.
  • “Ha!” Ye Moxuan sneered. “No wonder you’re in a rush to get married into the Ye Family on behalf of your sister. It turns out that you’re pregnant with an illegitimate child and couldn’t wait to find someone to be the stepfather!”
  • Listening to Ye Moxuan’s remark, Xiao Su, who was standing behind him, clenched his fists angrily and scolded, “Who do you think our Young Master Ye is? How dare you marry him while being pregnant with someone else’s child?! How long do you plan to hide from us if we missed you at the Gynecology clinic?”
  • Shen Qi wanted to solve this matter without anyone knowing, but she didn’t expect Ye Moxuan’s men to bring her here.
  • But why did he ask his men to check the Gynecology department?
  • Facing Ye Moxuan’s poker face, Shen Qi held back her curiosity as well as astonishment and replied stubbornly, “How are you sure that I’m pregnant just because I went to the Gynecology department? Can’t I go there for my annual gynecological checkup?”
  • “It seems that you won’t admit it anyhow,” Ye Moxuan spoke with a cold and fierce voice. “Bring her to the hospital and tell me the result of the checkup.”
  • “Yes!” The bodyguard in black went forward to seize Shen Qi.
  • “No!” Shen Qi began to struggle frantically. “Ye Moxuan, I’m just your nominal wife. For what reason do you ask them to treat me harshly like this? Let me go!”
  • “Let you go?” Ye Moxuan’s gaze went cold, and he said indifferently, “You should know the consequences you’ll have to face if I find out that you are pregnant! Xiao Su, take her out!”
  • Realizing that she wasn’t the person that he was looking for, Ye Moxuan didn’t have any empathy toward Shen Qi at all.
  • One hour later, Ye Moxuan threw a report on Shen Qi’s face and glared at her ferociously. “Ha! You actually think that I’ll help you raise someone else’s kid! The Shen Family is so bold!”
  • “No! That’s not true!” Facing such a situation, Shen Qi immediately panicked. “I didn’t even know about the pregnancy! Not even the Shen Family! I didn’t mean to hide it from you…”
  • “You didn’t know?” Ye Moxuan reached out his hand and grasped her chin. His blackhole-like eyes looked as if he was about to swallow everything in front of him. “Then I’ll give you a chance; abort the baby, and I won’t kick you out from the Ye Family.”
  • Shen Qi refused out of reflex, “No…”
  • “No?” Ye Moxuan looked at her in mockery. Irritated by her response, he questioned resentfully, “Do you think that I deserve to be your ex-husband’s fill-in and raise your kid just because I can’t walk? Are you looking down upon me?”
  • Shen Qi kept shaking her head in denial. “I never had such a thought!”
  • She had no idea she would get pregnant. She was married to Lin Jiang for two years, but he had never touched her at all. She never expected herself to get pregnant just after sleeping with that unknown man that one time.
  • As she thought of all these things, Shen Qi felt she was about to crumble at the moment; she couldn’t withstand the cruel reality slamming on to her like a fallen wall.
  • She knew that she couldn’t stay in the Ye Family anymore once she was pregnant with another man’s child. Not only that, she would become the biggest joke in North City.
  • But she needed some time to fix the mess…
  • “I beg you to give me some time!”
  • “Three days,” Ye Moxuan said fiercely. “If you’re still carrying this illegitimate child after three days, you’ll be out of the Ye residence at once!”
  • After stating his conditions, Xiao Su wheeled him out, leaving Shen Qi sitting on the floor with her cold hands and feet.
  • After a long time, Shen Qi took out her phone with her trembling hands to call her best friend, Han Xueyou.
  • When Shen Qi finally got back to the Ye residence, it was already late at night.
  • She had been talking to her best friend, Han Xueyou, for a long time. All the incidents that happened in the past one month had left Shen Qi on her last leg, and she felt much better after pouring her heart out.
  • The two girls had made a detailed analysis based on the current situation, and Shen Qi finally made up her mind to get an abortion.
  • She agreed with what her best friend said—the Ye Family was the only place where she could stay now. In order to protect her sister, her parents were willing to force her to marry into the Ye Family for the sake of the family business. It was impossible for her parents to accept her again once she was chased out from the Ye Family.
  • While she was musing on what to do next, she heard a cold and emotionless voice from her back. “Stand right there!”