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Chapter 1520 Enter the Delivery Room Together

  • Xiao Su anxiously grabbed Jiang Xiaobai’s shoulders and pulled her toward him while staring at her seriously and solemnly. “What happened to you in these two days? What makes you say so? Let me know if something happened. Please don’t scare me okay, Xiaobai?
  • Both of them were so close to each other. Jiang Xiaobai could not help but feel happy when she saw the panic and fear in his eyes. I never thought he’d be scared for me. Is it because of his sense of responsibility, or is he just worried about the child in my belly? After all, the child carries the blood of the Xiao family.
  • Upon thinking about this, Jiang Xiaobai chuckled softly. “Why are you so nervous? I’m just joking.”
  • “That’s not how you should joke!”
  • “Besides, who knows if this will be a joke or not. Giving birth to a child is a serious matter. Look at my big belly. What if I face dystocia?”
  • “Don’t say something like that!” Xiao Su covered her mouth with a stern face as he warned her to stop. “Don’t say things like this ever again.”
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