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Chapter 420 A Paper Tree Wouldn’t Bloom

  • It was almost time to get off work by the time Han Muzi got back to the office.
  • She had spent too much time outside and not to mention that she didn’t have her car after work, so she was planning to take public transport back with Yan.
  • Yan’s eyes widened when she heard that she rear-ended a car. “Rear-end? How did you do that?”
  • Han Muzi was having a headache. “My driving skills are probably a little rusty.” She smiled.
  • “Rusty? Do you think I don’t know you? You are always such a careful driver; there must have been something bothering you.”
  • Han Muzi froze a little. She had to admit that Yan knew her well. After five years of friendship, they understood each other’s habits and capabilities.
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