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Chapter 1180 A Man in Love

  • Then, she turned around and ran off into the kitchen. After Han Qing finished talking to Lin Xuzheng and looked back, he saw that Yan had gone into the kitchen and Luo Huimei was standing by herself. He was slightly hesitant and returned to being indifferent. Then, he said goodbye to Luo Huimei and departed with Lin Xuzheng.
  • Yan did not know how long she had been in the kitchen for when Luo Huimei came in. “Mom, are they gone?”
  • “They left. Why didn’t you just stay outside if you wanted to know so badly?”
  • Yan did not answer her. In her mind, she thought, I just saw him during the day. What if he gets annoyed if I’m too clingy? Moreover, she had been neglecting her shop ever since she started dating him. This isn’t right. I have to manage my time properly.
  • Time went by quickly later that month and Han Muzi was getting close to her due date with only two days to go. During that time, Ye Moxuan kept an even closer watch on her; he pretty much never left her side. Little Bean thought, I think my daddy has completely lost it. He follows Mommy around like a madman all day and controls everything. Little Bean pouted. He’s a man in love, indeed.
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