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Chapter 1650 Don’t Want to Be the Third Person

  • This time around, they used a white eyeshadow as the base then stuck on small gold sequins on the corner of her eyelids to match her silver dress.
  • Tang Yuanyuan’s eyes were clear. Because she had just finished crying, her eyes looked brighter and cleaner. Although the makeup artist had covered up around her eyes, there was clearly still some redness even without applying any color. Nonetheless, the highly-skilled makeup artist made it look like it was pink eyeshadow and not like she had just cried.
  • “So pretty.” The makeup artist pushed her hair back for her. “This is it for your makeup. Remember to smile when you go downstairs later.”
  • “Yeah.”
  • Tang Yuanyuan had her emotions completely under control now. She was not going to cry easily, but having to smile was still a bit hard.
  • “Can you smile for me now? I want to check if the makeup is accurate,” the makeup artist requested.
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