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Chapter 467 I Must Have Her

  • Although Han Muzi already made it clear that she will handle it from here on, as her older brother, how could I possibly leave my sister to suffer and brave through this alone? That was why he had to do something. For instance, he now had an appointment with Ye Moxuan.
  • There was soothing and romantic background music in the café. The two men were seated across each other. Both were exuding extraordinary auras, and everyone assumed they were both there to discuss business. However, they were giving off hostile vibes as well, which was effective in keeping people away.
  • When faced with Han Qing, Ye Moxuan’s gaze looked sinister and ruthless. Previously, Han Muzi was noticed getting into the Han Family’s car, so Ye Moxuan instructed Xiao Su to investigate this. Initially, Ye Moxuan thought that she was having a secret affair with Han Qing. However, he realized later that she was Han Qing’s younger sister.
  • Although he wasn’t aware of the intricacies, Ye Moxuan was satisfied as long as there was nothing romantic between them. In fact, he wouldn’t have shown up if Han Qing weren’t her older brother.
  • Ye Moxuan smiled faintly when he reminded himself of that. “President Han, you are a busy man. Why are you free to meet me here today? Are you here to talk business?”
  • “You should know very well why I wanted to meet you,” Han Qing answered with a steady voice while staring at Ye Moxuan coldly.
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