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Chapter 530 Breached

  • The door of the car was locked by Ye Moxuan. Han Muzi had nowhere to go.
  • Probably because of his furious anger, Ye Moxuan’s eyes were filled with a burning fire that almost scorched the eyes of Han Muzi.
  • As such, she twitched her lips without saying a word. This was the first time she saw Ye Moxuan like this. Since the time they met, he had always been in a scoundrelly state and constantly clung to her. She didn’t know what happened to his mind in the past five years that made him feel he couldn’t live without her, but now, by the looks of it, he was back to his original self.
  • “At first, I wanted to give you more time.” Ye Moxuan squinted his eyes while staring at her with dangerous intent. “As long as we haven’t divorced, there will be a chance for you to come back to me. But by the looks of it now… you are very disobedient.”
  • His words sent shivers down her spine as her pupils shrank. “W-What do you want to do to me?”
  • “Do to you?” Ye Moxuan let out a chilling laugh while reaching out to hold her chin. “You cold-hearted woman. Would you even care what I plan to do to you?”
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