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Chapter 440 I Like You!

  • His eyes caused a stir in Han Muzi’s heart, but she quickly came around and tidied her clothes before leaving.
  • Ye Moxuan’s deep voice reached her from the back. “You’ve used me and now you’re just going to abandon me?”
  • Han Muzi stopped and gritted her teeth. She didn’t look back but her voice was clear. “Mr. Ye, I hope you can understand this—I wasn’t using you. It was you who kept on pestering me and that is why I don’t want to collaborate with you. You’re right—I don’t like you; I hate you and I never want to see your face again. Mr. Ye, if you’re a smart man, then please don’t appear in front of me again. I hope that we can go our separate ways and be a pair of strangers from now on.”
  • Strangers? Ye Moxuan stared at the straight back of the woman. Her words hit him hard, as did the determination in her voice. It was clear that she was serious and wasn’t joking around.
  • She has been hating me like this for the past five years? His once dull eyes became darker while he remained silent. Then, he looked at her and sneered. “Strangers, you say?”
  • Han Muzi thought she made herself clear, so she didn’t stand there for much longer and left the car park. Afterward, she called a cab beside the road and went back to the Han Residence.
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