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Chapter 1505 We Have to Spend Our Time Together

  • “I’m sorry. It had always been just the two of us, so naturally you'd be more reliant on me compared to daddy. But I promise you, whatever happened today will not happen again. In the future, as long as there’s anything that is related to you, mommy and daddy will seek your permission first, okay?”
  • Little Bean did not expect Han Muzi to tell him this. In fact, he was just making a fuss. He wasn’t angry at all; he just felt a little jealous.
  • After all, he had been with his mom since young. However, after his dad came into the picture, he took mommy away from him. The time that he spent with his mom was already little to begin with, but now that there was another person in his mom's life, there was even less time left for the both of them.
  • This gave Little Bean a feeling that his dad wanted to drive him away from his mom.
  • On top of this, Han Muzi even sided with his evil daddy!
  • This had caused Little Bean to feel even more jealous.
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