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Chapter 1595 A Change of Heart

  • The landlord had prepared a pleasant dinner for them. Tang Yuanyuan was not one to pick and choose when it came to food. For her, as long as it was served to be eaten, that is exactly what she would do. There really was nothing she didn’t eat.
  • On the other hand, An Qian had many restrictions on her food intake. Most of the food was either too greasy, had too much fat, or she simply did not like it.
  • Meanwhile, Yuchi Yishu and Zhong Chufeng dug into the meal. It was only An Qian who barely ate.
  • While clearing the table, An Qian asked the landlord for a cup of milk tea, to which the landlord pointed out, "You barely touched your food during dinner. Was the meal not to your liking?"
  • Not wanting to come off as rude, An Qian responded, “Oh no! Not at all, it’s just that I am trying to lose weight so I have to watch what I eat.”
  • As she said that, a thought flashed in her head. I definitely do not want to end up looking like tubby ol’ Tang Yuanyuan.
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