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Chapter 689 Am I Here to Fulfill Your Wishes?

  • Ye Moxuan! She was both surprised and pleased to see him as his car slowly drove up to her. What is he doing here? Why is he following me? Has he been following me this whole time?
  • When the car stopped in front of her, she walked up to see him in the driver’s seat. “Why are you here?”
  • He glanced at her, then got out of the car and opened the door for her. “Let’s talk inside the car.”
  • He fastened her seatbelt as they got in the car. Staring at his handsome face that was within reach, she pursed her lips and said, “I couldn’t get the household registration book.”
  • His hands continued to move swiftly without any sign of a reaction. It did not faze him—as though he had already predicted that would happen. A moment later, he pulled away from her and started to drive. However, he remained quiet the whole time. She guessed what his silence meant and started to calm down.
  • “Did you see this coming?” Her voice was still and composed.
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