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Chapter 813 It’s a Pity

  • “Welcome Miss. A table for one?”
  • Han Muzi stood in front of the Sichuan restaurant for a very long time. One of her feet was already inside the establishment while the other was still at the door. She had stood there for a very long time with a hesitant look, wondering if she should enter the place or not. The waiter inside finally could not help himself and approached her to ask.
  • Han Muzi looked up and saw a young man with a pair of tidy eyebrows standing in front of her. He seemed to be Chinese, but he spoke to her in English.
  • She nodded subconsciously. “Yes, a table for one.”
  • The young man put on a happy face. “Oh, you’re Chinese? I saw you standing here for quite long. Any doubts?”
  • Han Muzi gave a small smile. “No, I’m just on the phone.”
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