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Chapter 1370 I Don’t Want to Be With You

  • On the other side, Yan and Han Qing were staying in a villa. As Yan refused to take the medicine, she got up feeling heavy in her head the next day and could hardly open her eyes. She was so sleepy that she could barely open her eyes under the blanket. What unfortunate luck. Wasn’t it just a kiss? How did I catch a cold?
  • Thinking about it, she started to get a headache. However, Yan did not dare to let Han Qing know. If he knew that she was in even more discomfort than yesterday, then he would force her to take the medicine. She was pregnant now, so she could not simply take medications. Thinking about this, Yan rolled over and continued to nestle under the blanket. She might as well sleep for the day.
  • Han Qing thought that Yan was asleep and because they had come back late last night, he did not bother her in the morning. He did not expect that Yan would continue sleeping till noon. As such, he went up to look for her.
  • When she heard Han Qing knocking on the door, Yan thought to herself, If he comes in later, will he figure out that my cold has gotten more serious? Yan immediately got up from the bed and stood for a while before opening the door as she felt that her voice would sound nasal if she was lying down on the bed.
  • “Are you up?” Han Qing saw her sleepy eyes and messed up hair. He subconsciously reached out to tidy up her hair.
  • After being touched by him in this way, Yan realized that she probably looked like a mess. To try to hide the fact that she was having a cold, she was not bothered by anything else and forgot about the most important thing. Damn it! Sleeping at home could not be compared to sleeping outside. She would be more cautious when she was outside, but when sleeping at home, the bed was big and the pillows, as well as the blanket, were soft. As such, she would roll around in bed. As she rolled, she ended up with hair like a chicken’s nest.
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