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Chapter 64 I Won’t Even Take a Glimpse

  • Shen Qi did not want to remain in the hospital for long. After a routine check by the doctor, and it was confirmed that she was okay, she asked to be discharged from the hospital.
  • The doctor frowned. “My advice is that you should remain here for two more days of observation, since your health is not really that good.”
  • “Doctor, I’m really okay. Can I be discharged today?”
  • The doctor saw that she was really insistent, and she was in a fairly good condition, so he warned her to stop indulging in alcohol before permitting her request.
  • When she left, she went through the discharge procedure by herself. She called Han Xueyou to borrow some money, and promised to pay her back in the future. In light of her condition, Han Xueyou transferred the requested amount to her without blinking an eye, and told her there was no need to return the money.
  • It was very kind of Han Xueyou, but Shen Qi did not intend to take her money for free. She remembered the amount clearly, and would pay Han Xueyou back at once when she got her salary.
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