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Chapter 1012 What Is Your Real Purpose?

  • “Please get in the car, Young Lady Ye.” Xiao Su thoughtfully opened the car door for Han Muzi. Just as she was about to enter the car, a figure suddenly rushed toward her. It happened so quickly, and before she could react, Xiao Su’s figure swiftly shielded her from the front. He grabbed the figure who was rushing over like a madman and pushed it away. The attack came out of nowhere and shocked Han Muzi greatly.
  • “Hurry and get in the car, Young Lady Ye!”
  • She was still in shock. Although she was worried, considering her current state, she hastily got into the car. She was afraid that if the situation became dangerous, it would harm the baby. If she wasn’t pregnant, a few scratches wouldn’t matter, but it was different now. After getting in the car, she turned back to look out the window. Xiao Su was commanding the security guards by the entrance to capture the person.
  • The person being held down was a woman with unknown origins that was dressed in tattered clothes. Her hair was matted and disheveled; she looked extremely dirty and unkempt. Upon closer inspection, Han Muzi suddenly realized that the woman seemed rather familiar. Where have I seen her before?
  • At this moment, the person rushing toward Han Muzi began screaming in her direction, “Qi! Shen Qi! Come out here! Come out!” The screaming voice sounded odd, but also strangely familiar. The dirty and unkempt figure before her seemed to overlap with a figure from her memories. Startled, she quickly recognized who the person in front of her was.
  • Hastily rolling down the car window, Han Muzi shouted out of the car, “Xiao Su!”
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