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Chapter 859 Aren’t You Pretending to Sleep?

  • It was dead silent in the dark. Han Muzi kept her eyes shut, so she couldn’t see a thing. And neither did she hear anything out of the ordinary. Apart from the sudden bang of the door earlier, there was nothing. Did Ye Moxuan not enter after all?
  • Han Muzi opened her eyes abruptly at that possibility. However, she saw his handsome face barely an inch away from her in the dark the minute she opened her eyes. She almost jumped out of her skin and screamed in surprise.
  • However, Ye Moxuan was quick. Before she cried out in shock, he lowered his head and sealed her lips firmly.
  • Mmph.” Han Muzi’s eyes widened in shock and she resisted by pushing against him. I was so careful, but I didn’t expect him to be waiting right in front of me. Besides, he did that in complete silence. Is he… the Devil himself?
  • After about ten seconds, Ye Moxuan pulled back and asked with a husky tone, “What is it? Aren’t you going to pretend to sleep some more?”
  • Han Muzi felt her lips and cheeks burning up. Her lips throbbed slightly from the kiss whereas her cheeks blushed redder than the color of a beetroot. She glared at him vehemently and didn’t care if Ye Moxuan might see her while she snapped angrily, “I wasn’t pretending to sleep.”
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