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Chapter 5 Find Me That Woman!

  • Shen Qi was not given a chance to refuse at all. Old Master Ye had directly made the decision and waved his hand, signaling her to leave.
  • Although Shen Qi was reluctant, in order to avoid causing unnecessary disputes or exposing her true identity, she decided to quit her original job and followed the Old Master Ye’s arrangement.
  • The next day, Old Master Ye immediately asked Ye Moxuan to bring her to the company.
  • “I know the reason why you’re not willing to hire an assistant, but since Shen Yue is already your wife, let her be by your side to take care of you.”
  • Shen Qi was curious because the tone Old Master Ye spoke to Ye Moxuan was the same as when he was talking to her. What’s going on? She thought they should be close to each other since they’re a family.
  • Just when she was deep in her thoughts, Shen Qi felt an intense glare on her face, and she immediately knew who it was.
  • Ye Moxuan looked at her sarcastically and said, “Sure.”
  • Shen Qi was a little surprised because she thought he would refuse.
  • “Well, go ahead.” Old Master Ye’s facial expression had softened a little.
  • Ye Moxuan sat on the wheelchair expressionless while Xiao Su nodded and said, “Old Master Ye, then we’ll go to the company first.”
  • Shen Qi had no choice but to follow Ye Moxuan from behind.
  • When they were in the garden, Ye Moxuan sneered, “You’ve established such a good relationship with Old Master Ye so quickly! You want to keep an eye on me, don’t you?”
  • Shen Qi was stunned, and she frowned. “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”
  • Hmph!” Ye Moxuan sneered. “It’s better for you not to understand what I meant. Otherwise…”
  • Ye Moxuan didn’t continue his sentence, but Shen Qi knew that he was threatening her.
  • Shen Qi was irritated; she had quit her job because of him, and now she was obligated to follow him around.
  • Initially, they had agreed not to get involved with each other’s lives, but they were now forced to stick together. It was not like she wanted it to happen.
  • They walked all the way to the door in silence. Ye Moxuan, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was being lifted into his private car. Out of reflex, Shen Qi wanted to tag along as she had bent down and was about to get into the car, but Xiao Su had reached out to stop her.
  • “Miss Shen, this is our Young Master Ye’s private vehicle.”
  • Shen Qi was taken aback. “What do you mean?”
  • Ye Moxuan turned to look at her, his calm and deep eyes filled with mockery. “You are still not qualified to be my assistant.”
  • Hearing this, Shen Qi’s expression changed and she asked, “Then why did you agree with your grandfather just now?”
  • Ye Moxuan ignored her and averted his cold gaze. Just as Xiao Su was about to close the car door, Shen Qi reached out to block her and asked, “If you leave, then what should I do? How should I explain this to grandfather…”
  • Upon hearing her mentioned Old Master Ye, anger flashed through Ye Moxuan eyes, and he stared at her fiercely with his squinted eyes.
  • “Xiao Su, tell her the way and let her walk there!”
  • Shen Qi was speechless. How can such an awful person exist?
  • Xiao Su informed her of the route without any expression and then shut the car coldly.
  • Ye Moxuan’s icy eyes glanced at the petite figure standing at the gate through the rearview mirror for a moment before retracting his gaze.
  • A moment later, he thought of something and said, “Any news regarding the woman I’ve asked you to look for?”
  • Regarding this matter, Xiao Su replied apologetically, “Young Master Ye, there wasn’t any CCTV on that road, and it was raining heavily that day; the night was too dark to see the passersby clearly. But if you give me a little more time, I believe we can find her.”
  • Hearing this, Ye Moxuan’s aura became cooler and said, “It has been a month. If I’m not wrong, she should be pregnant at this time.”
  • Xiao Su was startled. An unknown woman is pregnant with a Young Master Ye’s child? That's not something to be taken lightly! Xiao Su had a serious look on his face at that thought.
  • “Understood! I’ll send someone to investigate at the hospital.”
  • Ye Moxuan then closed his eyes.
  • He had never had a woman before, which made the woman from that night his first!
  • Therefore, he had to find her at all costs!