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Chapter 55 Did I Do Anything Inappropriate to You?

  • Finally, Xiao Su obeyed the order and left. Before leaving, he also helped Ye Moxuan to close the door. The room became quiet. Ye Moxuan then placed the towel on the table after he had done wiping her clean. He then parted his thin lips and said, “Can you solve problems by crying?”
  • Shen Qi's tears were still flowing although he had helped her to wipe away her tears for a long time. He then lost his patience. He withdrew his fingers and sneered, “Fight back if you don't like it. Tears...are the most useless thing in the world!”
  • Although Shen Qi was drunk, she could vaguely hear someone talking in her ear. However, she could not hear any words clearly. She only felt a head-splitting headache. She opened her eyes with difficulty and saw a tall figure walking around in the room.
  • T-T-This silhouette is so familiar. But, who does it belong to?
  • Her eyelids were heavy and she couldn’t bear her drowsiness anymore. Shen Qi closed her eyes and soon fell asleep again.
  • The consequence of the hangover was a painful headache. When Shen Qi woke up the next day, her head still hurt. The pain made her cradle her head as she sat up. Looking at the brightness of the room, she slowly calmed down.
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