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Chapter 729 Afraid to Let Him Die

  • Han Qing frowned as he glanced at Yan. He was surprised to discover that she had heard his conversation with the phone. Should I bring her along? Inside him, he rejected the idea. “Aren’t you staying with Muzi?”
  • Yan froze while biting her lower lip. “Muzi has Miss Su with her. I want to know… if that person they found is Young Master Ye or not.”
  • Han Qing pressed his lips for a while before opening his mouth. “The news I got is that they have found someone, but I’m not sure if he is dead or not, so please don’t say anything to anyone.”
  • “Don’t worry!” Yan hurriedly raised both her hands to show a gesture of confirmation. “I will not simply say a word out. I’m just going over to have a look.”
  • “Let’s go then,” Han Qing spoke in a cold voice and walked in front of her.
  • In response, Yan followed quietly behind him. She followed Han Qing into the car, but maybe because of her nervousness, she bumped her head onto the car door. The sound of the collision was huge as Yan saw stars flying around her eyes. Then, she took a few steps back before she sat on the cold floor.
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