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Chapter 884 A Foul Mind

  • Her words seemed to have struck Duanmu Xue like lightning. The strand of hope she had left was now completely shattered. The color drained from her face as she lost control of herself and fell backward. W-What did she say? Does everyone know? And she even had someone inform my family? H-How did this happen?
  • She lost all the strength in her body and felt as though her blood turned cold from head to toe in an instant. She grasped the edge of the blanket weakly and looked at Yuchi Jin. He was her last hope. Would Grandfather Yuchi still help me if he knew about what I did?
  • But Yuchi Jin panicked the moment he saw Song An leave. Without thinking of anything else, he strode off to chase after his daughter, Song An. Why did she leave so soon when it took her this long to come back? In his mind, there was no space left for Duanmu Xue. The only person he saw and thought about was his precious little girl.
  • When Yuchi Jin walked out, Duanmu Xue saw her final ray of hope disappear as well. Her hands lost their grip and slid down. Her whole body felt like a deflated balloon without any bit of strength left. She only raised her head back up after a long while and looked at Yu Bo. “Y-Yu. Who was that woman?”
  • She bit her bottom lip. Her tone carried a hint of anger and unhappiness as she said, “Why did Grandfather Yuchi get so emotional when he saw her and was even so out of it? I-Is she one of those people who does that sort of work and who Grandfather Yuchi is providing for?” The longer she went on, the more despicable her words got. Even though she knew it was wrong to say that, she could not stop herself. She only realized what she said after she said it out loud.
  • Thinking about it, though, that woman dressed up so beautifully and she treated Grandfather Yuchi poorly but he still chased after her. She must be someone who works in that sort of profession. I’m only speaking the truth so what’s there to regret?
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