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Chapter 952 Too Furious At Him

  • When Yu Bo picked Little Bean up, he thought emotionally, Old Master just wanted to see this great-grandson. When he knew that he has a great-grandson, and that the little guy is this big already, he was so agitated.
  • Unexpectedly, he became overexcited, and he actually fainted because of that!
  • Hence, before they arrived, Yuchi Jin already asked the kitchen to prepare a scrumptious meal. However, only the little guy came.
  • Nevertheless, he was enough to solve the deep problem hidden within everyone.
  • After all, only after hearing that Little Bean was going did Song An agree to join as well.
  • When Ye Moxuan found out that Han Muzi was taking care of Yan, he frowned immediately as he didn’t agree to her way of doing things.
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