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Chapter 1154 Stay There and Don’t Move

  • Yan froze in surprise. Before she could react, Sky snuck into her arms. She paused for a few moments before she hastily hugged Sky close to her as she was afraid that it would fall. Rubbing its head against her arm, Sky nestled in her arms gently. It was so well-behaved and adorable that she felt like she was going to get a nosebleed from this.
  • She was filled with excitement as she stood up while carrying Sky, then she looked at Han Qing awkwardly.
  • “You can let it accompany you tonight if you’d like.”
  • “Can I?” she asked with uncertainty. The question she really wanted to ask was: ‘Can I really stay over for the night?’
  • “Yes.” Han Qing walked forward. “It’s late; I’ll bring you back to the room. You should get some rest soon.”
  • She held Sky in her arms as she followed after him. Entering the room together, he brought her to the bedroom as he said, “Sleep here for tonight. I’ll be right next door. You can call me on my phone, or just yell for me if you need anything.”
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