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Chapter 821 Enough Is Enough

  • "What's wrong with her?" Duanmu Zhe looked at the broken pieces all over the floor. He unhappily frowned and bellowed, "Xue, stop it!"
  • The noises from things being smashed ceased the moment Duanmu Zhe spoke. After a while, Duanmu Xue was seen walking out of the room with an ornament in her hand. She lifted it and aimed it at Duanmu Zhe.
  • "Miss Xue, please don't…" The maids all knew how petulant Duanmu Xue was. After all, she was pampered by Duanmu Aotian as well as her older brother. The fact that she lost her parents at a young age had caused the two men in the Duanmu family to shower her with their love. Who knew she was so spoiled that she would even attack her brother?
  • "What are you doing?" Duanmu Zhe said this with a sober tone as he coldly looked at his younger sister.
  • Duanmu Xue lifted the ornament, looking upset. As she could not bring herself to hit Duanmu Zhe with the ornament, she could only lash out at the maids and threw it at them instead, yelling, "I asked you all to f*ck off! Why are you still here? F*ck you all!"
  • "Ahh!" They all scattered and ran for their lives.
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